Our Prepay plans are a bundled offer of data, calling minutes and texts valid for up to 28 days. 

These are now available for purchase in the My Vodafone Cook Islands App under the Prepay Plans menu.

/28 days



500 TXTs

local & national

30 mins

Prepay 19

mobile data

local & national calls

/28 days



750 TXTs

local & national

60 mins

Prepay 29

mobile data

local & national calls

All our prepay plans are valid for 28 days and will auto-renew.

PROMO BALANCE:  if you have remaining Promo balance when you buy a Prepay Plan this will expire after the normal 5 day period.Prepay Plan customers are not eligible for Top Up Bonus promotions.

INTERNATIONAL TXT charges:  ALL international TXTs are charged at 30c per TXT and are not included in your Prepay Plan TXT allocation.  Charges for International TXT will be deducted from your prepay credit balance.

How to get onto our Prepay Plans


Go to My Vodafone Cook Islands app and select Prepay Plans


Subscribe to any of the Prepay plans, ensuring you have enough credit to purchase an option.


After selecting the plan you want, your Prepay plan will be activated and any existing allocation of data, minutes or SMS TXTs will be replaced with the plan bundle. 


Monitor your usage of data, TXTs and minutes on your plan via My VF app.

*Auto-renew will only apply if there is sufficient credit on your account balance. An insufficient balance will cancel your plan and you'll need to re-subscribe to a Prepay plan once you top up again. 

Need a little more

Get extra data, TXTs & minutes to keep your plan going. Available for purchase in your My Vodafone app account. All add-ons are valid for the duration of your prepay plan!

Data add-ons


mobile data



TXT add-ons 



local &


Mins add-ons



local & national calls



mobile data

More add-ons to keep your plan exciting

2.5GB Video Pass for $4 (1).jpg

Need more info

2.5GB Video Pass for $4.jpg