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Your opinion matters - Tell us about your experience with us

If we've done a good job for you, give us a compliment and we'll keep doing more. But on the off chance we weren't so good, please make a complaint

and we'll get back to you within two working days 


I have a compliment 

We are happy we delivered to your expectation. If you wish to send us compliments you can do so by calling us on 123 or emailing

I have a complaint 

It is important to us that any customer complaint or dispute is resolved as quickly as possible and fairly. 

To lodge your complaint or dispute

  • Call us on 123 

  • Email us on

  • Visit us at our Main Office in Parekura on Rarotonga or any of our offices in the Pa Enua


What happens after you lodge your complaint or dispute 

  • We will let you know within 2 working days what our plan is to address your complaint or dispute.

What can I do if I'm not happy with the plan?

  • Please let us know and we will escalate your complaint or dispute and allocate a senior manager to address it with you. 

What if I am disputing my bill? 

  • We will suspend payment of the portion of your bill that you dispute while we consider it. You must still pay the undisputed portion on or before the due date for payment. 

  • If, after considering the dispute, we believe the charge(s) is warranted, we will advise you and ask for your payment. If we believe the charge is incorrect, we will advise you and adjust your bill accordingly. 

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