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Improve efficiency and cut business expenses with our fleet solution

Maximise safety and fleet performance to always stay in control

Manage your fleet
with Vodafone's IoT Tracking solution

Let us assist you in harnessing this technology for instant benefits and long-term success

Tracking your vehicles can be challenging

The Internet of Things, sometimes called smart technology, refers to a network of devices that become smart when they’re connected to the internet. Examples include smart fridges, smart lorries and smart pallets. Embedding sensors and SIMs in these objects enables them to send and receive data, so they can be monitored and controlled remotely. This can be useful for both the end user, and the company servicing or managing the item.


Our system makes it simple to set and enforce company policies. With features like speed limit alerts, geofencing, and ignition control, you can ensure compliance effortlessly. Our GPS Tracking device provides real-time tracking for efficient fleet management, reducing fuel costs, improving visibility, ETA accuracy, route replay, and driver safety.

Vehicle Tracker - drone shot.jpg

Key Benefits


Asset Management
Set rules and alerts to adhere to company policy requirements, and get alerts for driver behaviour


Safety & Security for drivers
Reduce speeding and improve fuel economy. Live asset location tracking with geofencing


Operation efficiency & Cost reduction
Optimise routes, deliveries and sales trips, make fuel savings. Adapt driving behaviours as necessary to reduce costs and streamline operations


Enhanced Customer Service
Provide accurate ETA’s to customers and dispatch drivers with real-time vehicle tracking

Monitor your vehicle movements with our friendly online interface or download the app from Google play and the Apple Store

Download the App 


For more information on your tracking needs, contact us here.

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