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Pensioner Eligibility Criterion

If you're a Cook Islander pensioner and money's tight, an easy way to free up some room in the budget is to take advantage of our special optimized phone plan we have just for you.

  • You must be 60 years or over (must supply copy of ID) and collecting the CI Welfare Old Age Pension.

  • Living alone or with your spouse who is also collecting the pension.

  • And/or living with non-working dependents e.g: school age children.


Landline FAQs


What is a landline?

A landline is a conventional telecommunications connection by cable laid across land.

Getting Set up

Who can apply for a landline service?

This service is available to all residential customers in Rarotonga or the outer islands.

How do I apply for a new landline service?

Applications for a new landline service can be made at any of our Vodafone offices on Rarotonga or in the outer islands. Alternatively, you can download the application form from on here and send to this email Once the form is completed you must pay all the applicable installation/connection fees and bond.

Credit Criteria

Is there a bond requirement for a new set up?

Yes and no. Depending on the service you want set up and your current credit history there may be a bond required. Below is an outline of the current bond requirements for Residential customers. The table below outlines current bond requirements for Residential customers. Service Poor or No credit history Good credit history Landline - local calls only $0 $0 Prepaid Broadband $0 $0 NDD and/or PSTN to Cellular calling $100 $50 IDD calling $500 $250 Broadband only (no IDD) $250 $100 IDD & Broadband $500 $250 Mobile (no IDD or Roaming) $100 $50 Mobile (with IDD and/or Roaming) $500 $250 IDD, Broadband & Mobile $500 $350 Business Customers There is a fixed bond requirement for all business customers regardless of the number of products or services used. Locally Registered Businesses - $500 bond Foreign Registered Businesses - $1,000 bond

Is the bond payment refundable?

Yes. The bond is refundable when you terminate all your services and have cleared your account of any outstanding balances. If you have not cleared any outstanding balances upon termination of your services, then the bond held can be used to clear the amount outstanding and the balance of the bond (if any) is refunded back to the customer. If you have paid a bond of $500.00 and proved to have a good credit history for a period of 2 (two) years, then Vodafone Credit Management team may approve to refund $400.00 back to you. Vodafone still requires to hold a minimum bond of $100.00 on any active accounts/services.

Additional Services

Can I change my profile at any time?

Yes – and this will be effective upon request.

If I want to change from local calls only to IDD- what is required?

If you have an existing bond of $500.00 already, then there is no additional requirement. If you have a $100.00 bond on the account, then we require an additional $400.00 bond before we activate the new profile access.

If I change my profile access back to local calls only - will I get that bond back?

Not normally – we will hold onto the bond. If we can determine that the account has a good payment history, then yes the bond will be refunded.