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Prepay Plan Terms

1. Definitions:


"Auto-renew" refers to a feature that enables automatic purchase of a subscribed prepay plan at the next billing date.


“Add-ons” or “Boosters” refers to additional bundled services that can be added to your prepay plan at a charge to the customer, such as additional calling minutes, SMS and data.


“Bundle” refers to a bundled allocation of Prepay Services, such as mobile data, SMS and calling minutes.


“Casual rates” refers to our pay-as-you-go rates in effect from time to time. For our current casual rates, please visit our website at


“Charges” means the applicable rates for our Prepay Services as advertised on our website, in any Prepay Services specials or promotion or pursuant to any Prepay Bundle/Plan. For a list of our current Charges, including Casual rates, please visit our website at .


“Customer” or “you” or “your” refers to any person who purchases or uses a Vodafone Network enabled SIM pack card and/or our Prepay Services.


“Data” means mobile internet data.


“Minutes” means call time on-network or off-network.


“My Vodafone app” means the Vodafone Cook Islands mobile phone application available for use with our Prepay Services.


“Passes” refers to an allocation of bundled data at a charge, that allows a customer to browse using the official app of the content provider and does not include all content that is available in the content providers app.


“PIN” means personal identification number.


“Prepay Credit” means credit in NZD allocated to a specific SIM card and “Prepay balance” or “balance” refers to the amount of unused Prepay Credit a Customer has at any given point in time.


“Prepay Bundle/Plan” means a Vodafone prepay mobile bundle or plan that you purchase using your Prepay Credit and includes “Prepay Data, SMS and calling minutes”.


“Prepay Services” means our prepay mobile cellular service you pay for in advance with no fixed term contract and any related products and services we provide to you, such as SMS, Voice, Data and Prepay Bundles/Plans.


“SIM card” means a Vodafone or Bluesky prepay Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card encoded with a Vodafone number.


“SIM pack” means the Vodafone number and SIM card which will connect you to the Vodafone network.


“SMS” means Short Message Service. 


“Special terms” means terms, as amended from time to time, governing Prepay Services specials or promotions and/or Prepay Bundle/Plans. For example our Prepay Stacking Terms.


“Terms” means these Prepay Terms.


 “USSD menu” or “*888#” means the quick code protocol we provide with our Prepay Services.


“Vodafone”, “our”, “us” or “we” means Telecom Cook Islands Limited t/a Vodafone Cook Islands.


“Vodafone network” refers to the mobile cellular services network operated by Vodafone in the Cook Islands.


“Vodafone number” means a 5 digit mobile number from the number range available to Vodafone for its Prepay Services.


“Voice” means voice communications.


“$” or “NZD” refers to New Zealand Dollars.


2. Interpretation:


In interpreting these Terms headings and clauses are for reference only and are not an aid in interpretation; words importing the plural include the singular and vice versa; any obligation to do something will be deemed to include an obligation not to suffer, permit or cause that thing to be done.

3. Application of these Terms:


These Terms apply and you accept these Terms when you purchase or use a Prepay Plan. 


4. Variations:


These Terms may be changed by Vodafone from time to time and without notice to you. For the most up to date version of these Terms, please visit our website at


5. Activation to the Vodafone network:


To commence using our Prepay Services, you must connect to the Vodafone network using a Vodafone Cook Islands SIM card.


6. Registration:


Every SIM card and Vodafone number allocated to a customer must be registered. When purchasing a SIM card from Vodafone, we will keep a record that the SIM card has been issued to you. You will be required to provide proof of identification and residence and we will register your name, residential and email address in connection with the SIM card as well as the SIM card number.


7. Using our Prepay Services:


Once you are connected to the Vodafone network and provided you have Prepay Credit or agree to an IOU, you may start using our Prepay Services at any time.​


8. Payment:


In consideration for providing Prepay Services to you, you agree to pay Vodafone the Charges. Unless otherwise stated, the Charges are automatically deducted from your Prepay Credit or IOU balance as follows:


 (a) Data: Data usage is billed per megabyte blocks;


 (b) Calls: Call usage is billed in blocks of thirty (30) seconds. Usage is rounded up to the end of the current block per second from when a call is answered (including by an answering machine or voicemail);


 (c) SMS: SMS are billed per SMS successfully transmitted.


9. Prepay Credit:


Charges will be deducted from your Prepay Credit balance. You can purchase Prepay Credit online or from any one of our outlets or resellers. You are responsible for keeping proof of purchase of any Prepay Credit you buy. In the event you believe that Prepay Credit purchased by you was not credited to your Vodafone number, we are only obliged to credit your number upon receipt of proof of purchase. Prepay credit is valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase and if not used within that time will be forfeited. The minimum top-up amount for Prepay Credit is $1. You can check your Prepay Credit balance through our USSD menu by dialling *888# or on My Vodafone app. You can transfer Prepay Credit to any other Vodafone Cook Islands number through our USSD menu by dialling *888# and following the prompts. Prepay Credit is non-refundable.


10. IOU:


For IOU, see Prepay Terms


11. Prepay Plan Subscription:


You can purchase a Prepay Plan on the My Vodafone app. On subscribing to a Prepay Plan, any bundles you have will expire immediately and be replaced with the Prepay Plan allocation. You will lose any data, calls or SMS related to your previous bundles. Prepay Plans last for a period of 28 days.


12. Prepay Plan Allocation - Data:


Once the Prepay Plan allocation for data is finished (within the 28 days of the plan subscription), you must purchase a data bundle in order to continue using data services. There is no pay-as-you-go feature for data on the Prepay Plan.


13. Prepay Plan Allocation - SMS & Calls:


The SMS allocation is for local and national TXTs. International TXTs are charged at the international rate and will be deducted from your prepay credit balance. The allocated calling minutes are for local and national calls only. International calls will be charged at casual prepay rates and be deducted from your prepay credit balance. Once the Prepay Plan allocation for SMS and/or calls are finished (within the 28 days of the plan subscription), SMS and/or calls will then be billed at Prepay casual rates.


14. Unused Prepay Plan Allocation, Bundles & Passes:


You will lose any entitlement under a Prepay Bundle/Plan which you have not used at the end of the specified period for that bundle/plan. Prepay Bundle/Plan are non-refundable.


15. Prepay Plan Add-ons:


Any add-ons and passes purchased on a Prepay Plan expire with the plan after the 28-day period. There is no rollover of unused allocation.


16. Auto-renew feature on Prepay Plan:


Your plan will auto-renew after the 28 day period, provided you have enough credit to renew the Prepay Plan. This will renew the allocation of data, TXTs and minutes for another 28 days. If you do not have enough credit at the expiry of your plan, you will revert back to Casual Prepay. If you want to re-subscribe to a Prepay Plan you will need to purchase this using the My Vodafone app.


17. Promo Balance on Prepay Plan:

If you have promo balance when subscribing to a Prepay Plan, this will still expire after 5 days from receiving the Bonus Credit. The Prepay Plan allocation will take precedence over the promo balance. Any promo balance not used within the expiry period will be forfeited. Promo balance can be used for national calls and SMS at the casual or pay as you go rate for prepay mobile. See Prepay Special Terms.

18. Top Up Bonus Promotions on Prepay Plan:

Top Up Bonus Promotions allocating bonus credit are not available for Prepay Plan customers.

19. Changing Prepay Plans:


You can switch Prepay Plans at any time using the My Vodafone app by selecting the menu and selecting ‘Buy’ then selecting ‘Switch Plans’. If you switch plans, you will lose all of your current plan’s allocation, add-ons and any passes you have purchased.


20. Change from Prepay Plan to Casual Prepay:


There is no fee to change from Prepay Plan to Casual Prepay, and you can change at any time. However, if you cancel your Prepay Plan to switch to Casual Prepay, you will lose all of the Prepay Plan allocation and any add-ons, bundles and passes purchased.


21. Managing your Prepay Plan:


You can manage your Prepay Plan on the My Vodafone app. This includes checking usage, purchasing add-ons and switching/unsubscribing from plans.


22. Responsibility for Data usage:


You use Data from when you connect to the internet using your mobile device to when you disconnect. You are solely responsible for your Data usage, including monitoring your Data usage. If you do not wish to use Data you are responsible for disabling the mobile data functionality on your mobile device. It is your responsibility to have sufficient protection and security measures in place as part of monitoring your Data usage when using Data.


Vodafone will not be responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of a virus or other manipulating or destructive programme that is transmitted through your use of Data. When using Data, some internet services, including websites and email, may not be accessible. Vodafone does not make any warranty regarding;


 (a) accessibility to any content on the World Wide Web and


 (b) any software or data provided or available to you in connection with Data usage, including with respect to how that software or data operates on your mobile device or interacts with applications on it.



23. Service availability:


We will use our best efforts to ensure the reliability of our Prepay Services. However, network coverage and many other factors may affect the availability and performance of our services. Also, our Prepay Services are subject to device capabilities, network limitations and availability. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our service connectivity will be continuous or fault free.


24. Deactivation of SIM:


We will deactivate every SIM card that goes unused for a period of 180 Days and as a result:


 (a) you will lose any Prepay Credit, Prepay Plan allocations and bundles;


 (b) you will lose your allocated Vodafone number (which may be allocated to someone else);


 (c) you will lose any data, including names, numbers or other information stored on the SIM card.


We may also deactivate the SIM you are using without notice to you if we believe that you are using our Prepay Services to spam others or for any other abusive, illegal or fraudulent purpose, or in a manner which may cause damage to the Vodafone network or otherwise in breach of these Terms. 


25. Customer complaints:


If you have a concern or complaint regarding our Prepay Services or any other services we may offer, you may contact us on 123.

26. Governing law:


These Terms are governed by the laws of the Cook Islands.

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