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About Us

Vodafone Cook Islands is the leading telecommunications services provider in the Cook Islands offering mobile, broadband, fixed line and a range of other telecommunications technology based services across all inhabited islands. The Company also provides these community services on behalf of the Government -  Pa Enua services, broadcasting support services, marine radio services and postal services.

The Company started business in 1990 when the Cook Islands Government partnered with Telecom New Zealand (NZ) to modernise telecommunications offerings in the country. In 1997 Telecom NZ purchased additional shares from the Government and became 60% owner of the Company. Under Telecom NZ’s majority ownership the Company achieved important milestones like 98% fixed line coverage and building a state of the art mobile cellular network across all inhabited islands. In 2013 the Company partnered with advanced satellite bandwidth capacity provider O3B to deliver high speed broadband.  


In 2015 Telecom NZ (trading as Spark), sold its 60% stake to a Bluesky Pacific Group consortium of private investors. Controlling interest in the consortium (and therefore the Company) was held by Amper SA, a publicly listed company on the Spanish stock exchange. The consortium also included 2 trusts, a private investor trust for Cook Islanders and an employee share scheme trust. Combined the local ownership of the Company is 15%. From 2015 the Company traded as ‘Bluesky Cook Islands’. Under this regional brand the Company reduced pricing for mobile and broadband services by up to 50%.  In 2016, the Company upgraded its mobile cellular network ton the most populated islands, Rarotonga and Aitutaki. As a result, 92% of the population has access to 4G+ mobile cellular connectivity. 


 In 2016, Amper SA sold its interest in the Group to Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Ltd (ATH), a publicly listed company on the Fiji stock exchange. Today, the Company is owned 60% by an ATH led consortium of private investors, including the 15% local ownership. The remaining 40% shares in the Company continues to be owned by the Cook Islands Government. 


In December 2019 the Cook Islands Government passed legislation to open up the telecommunications sector to competition and introduce an independent regulator. With the law change the Company was issued a new 15 years licence to operate telecommunications networks and provide telecommunications services in the Cook Islands. 


ATH has long been associated with the world renown Vodafone brand, being the parent company to Vodafone Fiji. In January 2020 under a brand licensing arrangement with Vodafone Fiji and the Vodafone Group, the company resigned the Bluesky brand in favour of the Vodafone brand. 

Join the Team! 

At Vodafone Cook Islands we provide a cutting edge experience if you're looking at pursuing a career in telecommunications. We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people who share our values and are genuinely excited about delivering an exceptional customer experience. 


At Vodafone Cook Islands we're keen on supporting activities that share our way of the world and bring people and cultures closer together with smart, simple ideas. 

Community involvement

We are a company with a proud sense of social responsibility. Our regard and support for the interests of the community in which we operate enables us to provide sponsorship that supports growth and development, healthy living, education and the culture of the Cook Islands. 

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