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PABX Solutions

Business communication
made simple

Revolutionize the way you communicate within your business 

Choose the perfect phone system for excellent customer service.
We provide various options and can assist you in making the right decision.

Features of PABX


Hunt Groups & Call Queing
Efficiently distribute incoming calls among a designated group of extensions, ensuring better call management, even distribution of work, and reduced caller wait times.


SIP Trunking
Modern VoIP solution for seamless communication, cost-saving, and enhanced business efficiency


Auto Attendant
Is an automated virtual receptionist that greets callers, provides menu options, and routes call to the appropriate extensions/department, streamlining calls and enhancing customer


Call Forwarding
Enables calls to be redirected from one extension to another or to an external number, ensuring accessibility and efficient call management


Audio Conferencing
Allows multiple participants to connect and communicate in real-time over a single phone line or network, enabling efficient and collaborative meetings


Voice Messaging
Stores and manages voicemails, allowing callers to leave messages when recipients are unavailable, ensuring effective communication

The system is designed to streamline communication and boost productivity like never before. With intuitive controls and easy integration with your existing phone system, it's never been easier to upgrade your communication capabilities. 
Other Features & benefits
  • Transfer calls to other phones connected through the PABX system
  • Park calls or place calls on HOLD
  • Paging through phones or loudspeaker
  • Multi-button phones enable speed dial buttons and easy-view of busy phones
  • Link staff, departments, separate buildings or countries without extra call charges
  • Better utilisation of phone lines
  • Never miss a call - Always contactable
  • Music on hold - Advertise your specials or play music to customers on hold
Our PABX Solution for you
  • Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we have a PABX system option that has the power and flexibility to meet your unique needs.
  • Get in contact with us, and we will talk you through the best option for your business

Why wait? Invest in a PABX system today and take your communication to the next level!

Contact us today!

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