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Landline Smart Services

Our phone services let you customise your phone to suit your priorities. You can add them individually, or collectively. We bring these great services together in an offer that suits your needs and wallet. 

Call Care

This is a message service solution for the home and small office where your calls are minded when you're unavailable. It is the hassle-free option for an answering machine.

Caller ID

Caller ID shows you the phone number of the person calling. Your phone or equipment must have a display.

Call Diversion

This service allows you to never miss a call when you're away from home or your office. Divert your calls to your office, home, mobile or overseas.

How to set up:

1. Dial 961 followed by either of the following diversion numbers 

"2" for landline

"5" for mobile

"0064" if diverting to an overseas number

2. Enter the phone number to be used for call diversion followed by "#" and listen for confirmation tone. 

To deactivate dial 960


Recall saves you the worry of missing an important call when you're unavailable. This service traces back the last caller and saves it in the system for when you're ready to call back.

How to set up:

1. Dial 9888# followed by your custom 4-digit PIN eg. 9881 ####

2. To confirm "Recall" service press "1"

Call Waiting

If you're already on the phone, it's good to know when someone else is trying to reach you. Call waiting tells you if another call is coming in with three helpful beep tones.  

1. You can take the incoming call by pressing the hook switch briefly on your phone. This will put your first caller on hold and connect you with the second caller. 

2. To return to first caller, press hook-switch briefly again.

3-way Calling

With 3-way Calling you can bring people from three different locations together on the same phone call. It's great for family get-togethers, catching up with mates or mini-conference calls and you can do it all from a touchtone phone. 

1. Dial the first phone number you wish to call. Once answered press the hook switch briefly and listen for the interrupted call tone. 

2. Dial the number of the third party and press hook switch briefly again to connect all three calls.

Call Forward

Call Forward is useful when you have a landline number but no physical connection. Your calls can be forwarded to another landline, mobile or overseas number. Similar to Call Diversion except we programme the diversion for you.

Set-up fee: $50.00

Residential monthly fee: $9.95

Business monthly fee: $19.95

All smart services set up fees (unless stipulated) are $25.00 with a $1.65 recurring monthly fee

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