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500MB Add-on

This addon gives you an extra 500MB of DATA to use until the end of this month. Excess rate charges are applicable when exceeding either your CAP or Data Addon.

Privacy Policy

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Our commitment to you

Every device purchased from Vodafone is of acceptable quality and is fit for purpose. In this policy, ‘device’ includes handsets, tablets, dongles, modems, decoders and nano-stations.


What is our warranty period?

  • 12 months from the date of purchase for selected Apple handsets.

  • (Please note: all repairs and warranty cover is managed by CIPS/JAYCAR who is the registered Apple repairer in the Cook Islands)

  • 12 months from the date of purchase for selected Samsung handsets and tablets.

  • (Please note: all repairs and warranty cover is managed by RaroShack who is the registered Samsung repairer in the Cook Islands)

  • 30 days from the date of purchase for all other devices.


What does our warranty cover?

Manufacturing defects reported during the warranty period.


These things aren’t covered by our warranty

• Impact damage, e.g. cracked screen from the device being dropped.

• Liquid/moisture damage e.g. water damage to the device.

• Defects or damage caused by misuse including use that is contrary to the manufacturer’s or Vodafone’s instructions.


What should I do if I think my device has a manufacturing defect?

• Back up any data saved on the device and remove the SIM and keep it with you.

• Come in to our Vodafone office in Parekura, Avarua.

• Bring the device and all the accessories that were supplied with it (e.g. charger)

• Bring your receipt/proof of purchase with you. If you don’t have your receipt and we aren’t able to confirm that you purchased the device from us, we may decline to consider the device to be under warranty.

• Tell us what’s wrong with the device. We may request that you complete a warranty form describing what’s wrong. (See attached form)


What happens next?

Apple Handsets:

We will contact Apple Help Centre and log the issue. An Apple case ID will be issued and then forwarded to the supplier. Upon assessment, supplier will provide Vodafone with process for replacement if warranted. Please allow 30 working days for this to take place.  

Samsung Handsets:

Vodafone does not handle assessments for Samsung devices. For all assessments and warranty cover – please see the registered Samsung Repair Services team at RaroShack.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   if you take your device to any other repair service other then those stated for Apple and Samsung - this will automatically void your warranty on the device.  If you are unsure, please ask our Customer Services & Retail Teams for assistance.

All Other Handsets:

We will carry out diagnostic tests. Please allow up to 5 working days for this to take place. Please note that during diagnostic testing we may re-set the device to factory settings. We are not responsible for the loss of any data stored on the device as a result of diagnostic testing.


We want you to stay connected during diagnostic testing

During diagnostic testing, we will loan you a device to use. We will endeavour to provide you with a loan device that is similar in functionality to the device that you purchased. However, you acknowledge that this may not be possible due to previous customer selection. If you are a prepaid customer, we may request that you pay a bond which we will refund to you when you return the loan device. The loan device is the property of Vodafone. If deemed by our discretion that you have in any way damaged the device on loan to you, you will be required to pay the replacement cost, which we may deduct from the bond. If the bond is not sufficient to pay the replacement cost, we will recover the balance as a debt due from you.


We will notify you:

• If we determine there is a manufacturing defect, we will either arrange to repair the device or replace it with a device that is identical or similar to the one you purchased.

• If we believe that the damage or faultiness of your device is not the result of a manufacturing defect and therefore our warranty does not apply.


Here’s more information about repair services:

 If our warranty doesn’t apply, there are a number of businesses in Rarotonga who are able to offer repair services. You can request a repair assessment and cost estimate. You may be charged a fee for the repair assessment and cost estimate. The following businesses in Rarotonga provide repair services:

  • RaroShack,

  • Techtro,

  • TN Technologies.


We have provided this list of local repair services to assist you. However, we do not guarantee their service whatsoever.


Other things you should be aware of:

• All ReCharge (Topups and WIFI voucher) sales are final and not refundable and are therefore not covered by our warranty.

• We reserve the right to retain the device if you have an outstanding account with us or we think it is stolen.

• If we have reasonable grounds to believe the device is stolen, we will report this to the Police and hand over the device to them.

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