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Receive money from overseas from family and friends straight to your E-Moni wallet with 

instant mobile money transfer. It's easier, instant and most of all, secure!

International Money Transfer from Australia, New Zealand & USA is as easy as 1,2,3.


1. Click on the logo links provided below to sign up and verify your account 

2. Load your account via debit or credit card, bank transfer or POLi.

3. Send money to your recipient - all you need is their mobile number.


Money is transferred instantly using mobile money.

To send money from Australia:

To send money from

Australia & New Zealand

To send money from


Family in NZ & Australia can visit:

Families in Australia can visit:

Families in the USA can visit:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Depending on amount of NZD dollars they want to send, customers will be asked to pay equivalent amount in their currency at the given exchange rate on the day.

  2. Money can only be received by registered E-Moni users. 

  3. Money is received in the E-Moni wallet in NZD dollars. 

  4. Once the customer receives the money in his/her E-Moni account, they will be able to utilize the money for all services available on E-Moni such as; QR Pay, Bill Payments, Top Ups or transfer money locally to friends and family, or withdraw from authorized agents and much more. 

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