How to Pay your Bill online

Did you know that you can pay your Vodafone bill online? It's very simple to do and here's how to get you started:

Set up online banking 

We accept all local bank transfers and have accounts with each of our local banks. You'll need to set up online banking with your local bank to be able to pay your bill online. Once you're all done, you can start with the online bill payment.

Filling out the details

Our bank account details: Check the bottom of your latest bill that was sent to your email which has our local bank account numbers on.  Our account numbers are located near the bottom of the bill page.

Reference: please add in your customer account number as your reference.

NOTE: Please add in your customer account number as the reference. Your customer account number can be found at the top of the bill.

Complete the form and enter the amount to pay and click confirm to make your payment and you are good to go.

If you need additional help you can contact us on 123 or 29680 or if its a bank query get in touch with your local bank.