Plans with a mix of data, mins and TXTs to get you through the month

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Vodafone Red Postpay Plans

Fixed Monthly Fees. Add-Ons available for extra data

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Get more data with Add-ons

Avoid excess fees by purchasing and stacking up on data with our add-ons







To activate any of these data bundles toggle to Buy Bundles in your My Vodafone App or in the USSD Menu 

and select the bundle of your choice.

Why go Postpay?

Postpay provides you the benefits of using your plan before you pay! Postpay plans offer you competitive data, calling minutes & SMS packages to last you a whole month. Sign up at any Vodafone office to get you set up. Unsure of what plan suits you best? Our staff will be happy to help you out. 

Hire Purchase Option

Sign up to any of the Vodafone Red Plans and purchase the smartphone you've always wanted over a 12 month period - interest free! Fill in an application form here >>

Postpay Add-ons

Calls are 20c per min, additional TXTs are 20c per SMS message and additional data are 10c per MB. Plan minutes can be used to make local and national (to any Outer Islands) calls. International calls are not included. 

Need to call overseas? Contact us to set you up on roaming postpay. 

Need more data?

No worries! There are data add-on bundles you can purchase through the app and are valid for the calendar month in which it was purchased. 

What you need to be 4G ready, set go!


Check that your device is 4G capable

settings cog.png

Set up a new Acess Point Name (APN) "internet"

and select ok 

data connection.png

Restart your device & switch on 

your data.


You are now ready to use 4G!