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Go faster with 4G mobile data services - Surf, Stream, Share

4G mobile coverage throughout the Cook Islands

Vodafone Cook Islands' 4G is live on most islands across the Cook Islands. 

We continue to upgrade our digital infrastructure to bring more 4G technology to the areas where Cook Islanders and visitors live, work and play.

Get connected on our 4G network to experience faster internet.

What you need to be 4G ready!

4G Coverage

4G is available on selected islands in the Cook Islands


4G phone

Great deals on 4G capable phones instore and online


Get connected

Reset your APN to "internet"

& start subscribing to our 4G ready plans

Where you can get 4G

4G is live on selected islands of the Cook Islands. Unlike ever before you can now connect to 4G on 9 islands.

4G is available on the following islands

Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Mangaia (Oneroa), Mauke, Atiu, Palmerston, Penrhyn, Manihiki & Rakahanga

Benefits of 4G

The fourth generation (4G) mobile network enables high data download speeds for mobile users over 3G. It offers a higher data transfer rate has the potential to reach 100mbps. 

The benefits of 4G are wide ranging including expanding working on the move options, streaming in HD on-the-move, powering greater Internet of Things (devices talking to devices) capabilities. 

4G can also help foster greater digital inclusion by enabling community benefits such as improved health, education and social outcomes.

  • Why should I choose to sign up to Prepay Broadband?
    This is a great way to manage your usage and pay as you go.
  • Where can I purchase prepay vouchers?
    You can purchase prepay vouchers from any Vodafone outlet or reseller in the Cook Islands?
  • Where can I use my prepay vouchers?
    You can access internet via at any Vodafone WiFi hotspot in the Cook Islands. There are over 200 hotspots on Rarotonga and in the Outer Islands?
  • How do I access internet using my prepay voucher?
    1. You'll need a WiFi enabled device 2. You'll need to purchase a Vodafone WiFi hotspot voucher 3. Ensure you are in the proximity of any Vodafone WiFi hotspot 4. Connect to and log in using the username and password details on the voucher 5. Following the previous step you should be surfing in no time!
  • How do I check my usage?
    To view you account usage statistics login to and select “My usage Statistics”.
  • I get prompted with a "Change my access code" message, what does this mean?"
    This is a security precaution to avoid another user from gaining access to your internet session. You should type in a new code that’s at least six characters long and made up of both numbers and letters.
  • How much data do I need?
    Your data usage is decided by two factors – the number of devices in your home and the type of content that will be consumed. If you have multiple devices, you will need higher data to ensure each device has enough, especially if each device is being used to stream audio or video. Even if you have fewer devices, but stream a lot of high definition video or music, it would be better to pick a prepay voucher with higher data limits. If you want to get a more detailed breakup of how much data you’ll need per month, check out this handy data calculator from Chorus -
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