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What does the Vodafone re-brand mean for me?

Frequently asked questions


Did Vodafone buy Bluesky?

No. The company which is still Telecom Cook Islands Ltd has a licence to operate as Vodafone from 15 January, 2020. The "Bluesky" brand has been retired.

Is there a change in ownership?

Again, no. Vodafone Cook Islands is owned 40% by the Cook Islands and 60% by private investors, including 15% by locals.

Is Vodafone Cook Islands the same as Vodafone NZ or Australia or Fiji?

They are all part of the global Vodafone brand, however are separate companies respectively.

Is there a change in management?

No. The management structure remains the same. The CEO of Vodafone Cook Islands is Phillip Henderson. In addition to the support of the brand change, the company has an arrangement with Vodafone Fiji for management support and expertise.

Does the rebrand mean staff will lose their jobs?

No. Staff structure and support remains the same. Vodafone Cook Islands takes pride in employing Cook Islanders and is proud to have a 95% local employment rate.

Other information

  • In January 2019, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH), a publicly listed company in Fiji, completed the purchase of the controlling interest in the Bluesky Pacific Group. The ATH Group of companies includes telco operators in Fiji, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Samoa, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands.
  • ATH’s flagship company is Vodafone Fiji Limited. Vodafone Fiji is licensed by Vodafone Group Plc in the UK to operate the brand in Fiji. Since its inception in 1994, Vodafone Fiji has explored new boundaries and brought next level mobile innovation to all of Fiji. Today it has more than 760, 000 subscribers with a population coverage of about 96%. It is a world class organisation and has won numerous awards for service and systems quality and excellence. Not only has Vodafone Fiji excelled as the predominant mobile telephone opco in Fiji but together with another ATH company Datec Fiji, it is also a leader in end-to-end ICT solutions. Vodafone Fiji works closely with Vodafone Global to deliver cutting edge technology that is second to none in the Pacific region. It also has a strong commitment to community and has transformed the lives of thousands through its philanthropic arm Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation.
  • Vodafone is one of the top 6 telco brands in the world.
  • Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company operating out of the UK. Vodafone Group has 24 telcos and partner relationships with 42 more around the Globe. As of 30 September 2019 Vodafone Group has approximately 625 million mobile customers and 27 million fixed broadband customers.

What does the brand change mean?

Vodafone is reknown for quality products and service excellence. From 15 January, our company can use the name and brand Vodafone to market and sell its products and services. It also means that the company will be able to access technical and other expertise from the Vodafone family to improve services and product offerings for our customers.

SIM Card

Do I need to change out my Bluesky SIM card?

Eventually, you will need to. This will be a gradual process and not an urgent task that requires you to jump and rush to our offices at the moment.

Are there any costs associated with the SIM change?

No. This is a FREE service that is being provided to our customers.

When can I come in and swap out my SIM card?

This service is available to you now. You can visit any of our Vodafone outlets to swap out your SIM card.

Do I have to wait 24 hours after the SIM card swap to start using my phone again?

No. Your SIM card will be activated as soon as you present it.

Do I need to present anything else besides the SIM card for the swap?

No. All we need is your mobile number and we do the rest and present you with your new Vodafone SIM card.

What happens to all my contacts that was saved to my old SIM card?

Before you come in and swap to your new SIM card, you will need to import your contacts from your existing SIM card into your mobile device to avoid losing all your contact data.

Will my mobile number change because of the swap?

No. You will still have your same number.

Does the change to Vodafone mean I can use my SIM card on Vodafone NZ network or vice versa?

To New Zealand: If you are a Postpay customer with Roaming services activated you can use your SIM card on Vodafone NZ network. If you are NOT then your SIM card will not work. But watch this space for improvements in the future. From New Zealand to Cook Islands: Same thing applies as noted above. If you are a Vodafone NZ customer with international roaming services activated then you can attach to our Vodafone CK network. If NOT then you will not be able to use your SIM here.

WiFi Hotspot

How do I access my broadband account at a Vodafone Hotspot?

To access your broadband account at a hotspot you will now have to use @hotspot.co.ck to login. Eg. username: username@hotspot.co.ck

What is the URL for Vodafone Hotspot

If you are not prompted with an automatic loading page at any of the Vodafone Hotspots you can go to www.wireless.hotspot.co.ck

Can I still use a hotspot that is still named Bluesky?

Yes. But if you do come across a hotspot that is not yet renamed to Vodafone we urge you to please report this to us. Free call us on 123.

My Vodafone App

I can't find the Vodafone Cook Islands mobile app my app store, how come?

At the moment we are still working with Google services to have this app available in the Google Play Store and App Store for IOS.

How can I download the My Vodafone Cook Islands app?

You can download the app by following this link https://mybluesky.bluesky.co.ck/myvodafone/v1/app/vf_v1_3.apk or Scan this QR Code

I can't download the app for my IOS device?

We are still working on getting the app up and running for all IOS devices. At the moment you can continue using the myBluesky app.

I'm not receiving the verification code?

Please call us immediately on 123. It's likely you have unsubscribed from receiving broadcast messages from our Vodafone 888 messaging platform, which also blocks you from receiving this code.

Other Questions

Does this mean we will get cheaper internet?

This depends on the price of wholesale internet of the Manatua submarine cable. Vodafone Cook Islands is waiting for the Govt's company Avaroa Cable Ltd to give wholesale prices for internet capacity on the Manatua submarine cable. If the pricing is cheaper than what we pay for wholesale internet over satellite, we will pass the value on to customers.

What are the benefits of the change for customers?

The Vodafone brand is a global leader in technology communications. Customers should expect better services, better deals, better pricing.