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Moana TV Issues

Due to recent issues with our Moana TV delivery to the home, our customers have experienced continued disruptions to service with poor picture quality and freezing on most of the international channels.

Our team have been working with our content providers and steps have been taken to diagnose and identify the cause of the issues experienced. As a result, we are purchasing equipment which will account for the loss in video quality and correct the errors automatically. These steps are expected to alleviate and resolve the current issues experienced. This equipment delivery date is not confirmed yet as it involves shipping to Samoa, Papua New Guinea, and Cook Islands.

As a consequence, and until we have resolved the current issues, we will be crediting Moana TV monthly rentals for the months of November2020, December2020 and January 2021. Our technicians will continue to monitor the performance.

We thank our customers for the feedback received and for your patience and continued support as we endeavour to provide the best service to you.

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