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Out and about - what we are doing for operational health and safety

Here at Vodafone we have been actively practising health and safety measures while visiting customer premises during CODE YELLOW


We support the Government’s Response Plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 here in the Cook Islands. We continue to provide new connections and attend faults during this time. However, we have put in place procedures to protect you and our staff. If we go to CODE RED, we may not be able to provide new connections or fault repairs.


Here’s what you can expect when our team visits your premises:

  • We will maintain at least 2 metres away from any occupant at all times

  • We will ask you some questions to best assess whether it is safe to enter

  • We thoroughly sanitise our hands and equipment before and after leaving

  • We wear gloves and masks as an added precaution

  • We will ask that every elderly person, pregnant woman, smoker or person with an underlying health issue (such as cancer, asthma, diabetes or heart disease) leaves the room where we need to perform our work

  • If you or us feel unsafe, we will postpone the appointment

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