Pro Cameras:
The 108-megapixel camera captures so much detail, you can crop in and reveal even more shots within. This camera quality expresses rich colour data for true-to-life details and hues.1


Superfast Processor:
Galaxy’s first 5nm processor packs epic power and speed into a smaller chipset. This outstanding upgrade means faster learning and more intelligence in every aspect of the phone.2


Pro Video:
8K Video is the highest resolution in a smartphone, making your footage look even better than the cinema. And with 8K 24fps, every vlog and memory is your next shot at stardom. Record, upload and watch right on YouTube. Plus with 8K Video Snap, you can pull 33MP stills directly from 8K video.3


Super Smooth Display:
Keep up with all your feeds on an incredibly responsive 120Hz display delivering seamless transitions with every touch and optimising the refresh rate based on what you view. All so that you can save battery for more of what you love.4


All-day battery:
Galaxy S21 5G and S21+’s intelligent battery helps you power through your day with ease. With up to 4800mAh of power, and helped by the new power-efficient display and processor, you can get through a full day of use, even on 5G.4

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Colour options: Black
  • Warranty Period:

    12 months from the date of purchase for selected Samsung handsets and tablets. Please note: all repairs and warranty cover is managed by RaroShack who is the registered Samsung repairer in the Cook Islands.


    3 months from the date of purchase for all other devices.


    What does our warranty cover?
    Manufacturing defects reported during the warranty period.

    These things aren’t covered by our warranty:

    • Impact damage e.g. cracked screen from the device being dropped.
    • Liquid/moisture damage e.g. water damage to the device.
    • Defects or damage caused by misuse including use that is contrary to the manufacturer’s or Vodafone's instructions. 


    What happens next?

    Vodafone does not handle assessments for Samsung devices. For all assessments and warranty cover – please see the registered Samsung Repair Services team at RaroShack.


    For All Other Handsets

    We will carry out diagnostic tests. Please allow up to 5 working days for this to take place. Please note that during diagnostic testing we may re-set the device to factory settings. We are not responsible for the loss of any data stored on the device as a result of diagnostic testing.


    Repair Services

    If our warranty doesn’t apply, there are a number of businesses in Rarotonga who are able to offer repair services. You can request a repair assessment and cost estimate. You may be charged a fee for the repair assessment and cost estimate.

    The following businesses in Rarotonga provide repair services:

    • RaroShack
    • Techtro Solutions
    • TN Technologies
    • JayCar Electronics

    We have provided this list of local repair services to assist you. However, we do not guarantee their service whatsoever.

    • 6.8" QUAD HD+ (120Hz) Display
    • 256GB internal storage
    • 12GB RAM
    • 5000 mAh battery
    • Rear Camera (108MP Wide Lens + 10MP Telephoto Lens + 10MP Telephoto Lens + 12MP Ultra Wide)
    • Front Camera (40MP)