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Smart Services - Call Diversion

With Call Diversion you never have to miss a call when you away from home or office. Divert your calls to your office, home, mobile or overseas.

  • Lift the handset, dial 961 followed by the diversion number e.g. 961 2**** if diverting to a landline, or 961 5**** if diverting to a mobile, or 961 0064******** if diverting to an overseas number.

  • Voice Prompt: Please enter the phone number to be used for call forwarding followed by the pound key (#).

  • Enter in number to divert to followed by the pound key (#).

  • Voice Prompt: All your calls are now being forwarded

  • Wait for the confirmation tone (3 short 1 long beep), then hang up.

  • To deactivate: Dial 960.

  • Voice Prompt: Calls will now ring your phone and if there is no answer they will go to voicemail.

Diversion to a mobile or overseas number will only work if this is allowed from your local number. You may continue to make outgoing calls while Call Diversion is activated. 

Set up Fee:$25.00 | Monthly Fee: $1.65

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