Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Our Privacy Policy

In this policy

  • "we" or "Vodafone Cook Islands" means Telecom Cook Islands Limited trading as Vodafone Cook Islands

  • "you" means you, the person using our services, or visiting our website

  • "services" means all goods or services we provide and anything else we do for you, including providing you with access to our website

2. Other policies applying to our services
In addition to our Privacy Policy, our Legal Disclaimer applies to your use of our services. It is important that you are familiar with our Legal Disclaimer. Please read it in conjunction with this policy.

3. Visitors
If you are just surfing and reading information on our website, then we collect and store the following information about your visit

  • the URLs of the pages you visit

  • if you provide it, your email address

We do not sell information which identifies you personally. If we think it is necessary, we can disclose information to relevant law enforcement authorities, such as the Police.
If you choose to provide us with personal information such as your email address, for example by filling out an electronic query or order form, we will use the information only for the purposes that you authorised. Email marketing will only be sent to your email address if you have given your consent.

Personal information will be stored and used in accordance with Vodafone Cook Island’s  Terms and Conditions. To update your personal information such as billing address you can contact us via our contact us page or call us on 123.

4.  Vodafone Cook Islands customers
Vodafone Cook Islands’s Terms and Conditions apply to your use of Vodafone Cook Islands services. Choose the Terms and Conditions that refer to the Vodafone Cook Islands service you use. The relevant Terms and Conditions set out our commitments to you regarding collecting, holding and using information about you.

5.  Changing this policy
We may change this policy at any time by changing or removing existing terms or adding new ones. Changes may take the form of a completely new policy. We will tell you about any changes by posting an updated policy on our website. Any change we make applies from the date we post it on the website.

If you have any questions about Vodafone Cook Islands' online privacy policy contact us via our contact us page or call us on 123.

500MB Add-on

This addon gives you an extra 500MB of DATA to use until the end of this month. Excess rate charges are applicable when exceeding either your CAP or Data Addon.