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This addon gives you an extra 500MB of DATA to use until the end of this month. Excess rate charges are applicable when exceeding either your CAP or Data Addon.

Credit Policy

Credit Policy

1. Objective
The objective of this policy is to make it easy for customers to do business with Vodafone without substantially increasing the risk of them getting into debt or exposing Vodafone to arrears.

2. Application
This policy applies to all customers, new or existing, seeking products or services from Vodafone Cook Islands to be charged to the customers’ Post Paid account. This policy does not apply to customers who prepay for the services that they use.

3. The Policy

3.1. New Connection/Services
 All requests for new connections or services must be assessed by the CSR, taking into account credit
history, employment status and ability to meet the payment obligations.
 Requests for additional services from existing customers will be subject to credit history.
 Installation fee and service charges must be paid before the service will be provided.
 Customers applying for Broadband access are required to pay the first month’s plan rental upfront and any applicable installation fees or services charges.

3.2. Criteria to Approve a Post Paid Account
Provision of Services on a Post Paid account will only be approved based on the following:
 Of legal age to enter into a contract.
 A credit check confirming a clean history, including any overseas records.
 Assessment that the applicant has the means to meet the payment obligations i.e: Employment, no other significant financial commitments etc.
 That the applicant fully understands the obligations of the Terms and Conditions.


Business Customers
The same criteria is applied for business customer seeking approval for a Post Paid Account and Services.


Organisations that are not a registered business
If a customer requests to set up an account for an organisation that is not a separate legal entity (e.g. a dance team), and the account is not to be in the persons own name, it should be treated as a locally owned business requiring a upfront or deposit payment that reflects the level of services and is aligned with the objective of this policy. Vodafone Cook Islands – Credit Policy Page 4 of 5

3.3. Customer Arrears
When a customer goes into arrears they are subject to the Credit control collection process.
This is applied in the following manner
1. Services are suspended one day after the due date. If this day is a Friday, or a Public Holiday the suspension
will be on the next working day.
2. If the arrears are still due 60 days after the due date, services are terminated, and the customer is listed on
the Cook Islands Credit Bureau.
3. If arrears remain unpaid after termination. The account is referred for debt collection.


3.4. Reconnection of services following suspension or termination
If a customer settles their arrears in full after suspension. Services maybe reinstated without further charge. Credit
Control may at their discretion request the following.
1. Require a deposit or upfront payment as security for the ongoing performance of payments on the PostPay account.
2. Use the deposit at any time to offset any arrears.
The deposit will be refunded after the termination of the Agreement. The deposit will be applied to all outstanding charges in the first instance, then any remaining credit balance shall be refunded. Alternately, if in the opinion of the Credit Control Team the customer has shown the ability to meet
their obligations over a suitable period, the deposit shall be released to the customer in full or in

3.5. Assisting Customers with no credit history or poor credit history
Customers who don’t have a good credit history or have no credit history should be advised about prepaid services
such as:
 Prepay mobile; including Calling, SMS and Data
 Prepaid WiFi and Vodafone Hotspots
The important message to these customers is that they have other ways to access telecommunications services
other than by our post-paid services.


3.6. Refunds of Credit Balances
Active accounts with credit balances
 Upon request by the customer, a full refund of the credit balance on the customers active account will be
paid out once per month on Fridays.
 The customer is required to give at least two days notice of the refund request.
 Refunds will be paid into a nominated Bank account.
 Monthly bills will continue to be sent to active customers with a credit balance.
Vodafone Cook Islands – Credit Policy Page 5 of 5


Inactive accounts with credit balances
 Where an account has been terminated either at the customers’ request or due to outstanding debt, the
customer’s credit or deposit may be used to clear the amount owed.
 Any surplus credit or deposit after paying the outstanding debt will be refunded to the customer.
 All reasonable attempts will be made to locate the customer in order to refund the credit balance. After
three months of being inactive, the credit balance will be transferred to GL8527 Unclaimed Monies.
 Monthly bills will not be sent to inactive customers with a credit balance.


3.7. Unclaimed Monies
 A list will be maintained of inactive customers with credit balances in Unclaimed Monies and attempts will
be made periodically to locate the customer and refund the money.
 After 5 years, if the customer still cannot be located, the unclaimed money will be transferred to Other
Income and no further attempts will be made to locate the customer.
 Where a customer with a credit balance that has been transferred to Unclaimed Monies or Other Income
reconnects with Vodafone, the credit balance shall be transferred back onto the customer’s account.